Introduction - Nick Drake

Listen to the most suitable song for a first post in a folk blog while we make a quick introduction.

We are a group of folkniks who also share a love for literature, films, art in general, movement, DIYs, cooking, and ethnic culture. For a while now we have been divulging each other’s finds. A growing selection of mostly folk songs, books, movies, and recipes made us finally decide to put up an online magazine dedicated to everything folk. Hence the name Folkerie.

Folkerie will be a collection of things, people, and events. This will be a celebration of folk music, of folklores in film, print, or maybe even oral form. There will be folk dances, folk art, and folk food. Folkmoots will be attended and, when given the chance, organized. And who can forget the fair folk? How we marvel at fantastic worlds!

Stay tuned!

Cheers from Angely Chi, Julienne & Lorie Ann